Gefig proudly presents the International Academic Alliance of Ice Hockey

Our goal with IAAIH is to bring ice hockey academic programs from around the World to an exclusive cooperative environment, where team and players have the opportunity to take advantage of the leverage that a multi-cultural and cooperative arrangement can bring.

We provide special services to our members, which include - among others:

  1. -player exchange program, for safe and secure traveling

  2. -coach exchange and education program, for professional development

  3. -player tracking systems

  4. -automated player monitor systems

  5. -player and coach networking solutions

  6. -player achievement initiatives and deals

  7. -international comparison for athletic performance

  8. -exclusive, invitational tournaments for members (AAA+, AAA, and AA level)

If you want to hear more about our work, or just want to be informed as things get introduced, drop us a line on